Mother's Day OOTN: Outfit of the Night

"Happy girls are the prettiest."-Audrey Hepburn 

This Mother's Day was a bit hectic, but I was glad I could dedicate such a gorgeous day to my lovely momma. It's the momentous day dedicated to commemorating all the mothers we love and watching my mom's face brighten up the room with a smile is, of course, priceless. We couldn't have a better day and topped off the night with, my favorite, some delicious food! 

Of course now I'm writing this to you after I almost fell asleep on my desk in math class and came home from school early due to extreme exhaustion after a weekend full of two dance recitals, my last FIT class this year, and mother's day. But all is well in the world after you've slept for numerous hours on end and hopefully, even though I'm still considering sleeping on the nice warm floor next to me, I'll be back in school tomorrow. With any luck, I should be well rested....well we'll see. 

And after spending what seemed like an hour trying to find something to wear, I came up with this:

A casual and comfortable outfit, but I've noticed that I always pick out outfits that are comfy, yet classy..I should probably hit the thesaurus since I'm not the best with using various adjectives.

Top- Cotton On
Vest- Forever 21
Purse- Charlotte Ruse
Skirt- Cotton On 
Moccasins- Minnetonka 
Head Band- Forever 21 

Thanks Gab for taking the pictures for this post! 

A picture from the night! 

Happy Late Mother's Day!
Love you Mom <3
xoxo Love, Serena
Good Luck 


  1. I hear polka dots are up and coming. Is this true?

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    1. No not an expert, just a normal teenage girl! You can subscribe to my blog by either hitting the
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