Fashionable Rain Coats for a Day in the Rain

"It's all about good taste." -Giorgio Armani

Other than the fact that I suffer from migraines and sinus headaches from rain, I like a nice rainy day once and a while. It gives me an opportunity to reflect on my life and make some nice tea or hot cocoa, sit inside and relax or sometimes go outside and enjoy the water. 

Raincoats come in fun and whimsical designs for the little ones, but all raincoats seem to do for the girl or women past ten years old is cover up their outfit. No one wants to put a damper on their outfit, but it seems like it's either that or compromise covering up their outfit with soaking it up with rain instead. 

So, on a day like today on the East coast, the clouds are looking a bit dreary, the sun is no-where to be found right now, it's been storming practically the entire afternoon and after just finishing up my last final of the year (Hallelujah!), I went on the hunt for the cutest raincoats I could find; something that should come in handy when I go on a hunt for a fashionable raincoat of my own to bear the treacherous storms of the summer sleep away camp that await me. 

Free People Spinning Circles Rain Coat

Retail Price: (ranges depending on website) $60-88
Get yours here

I like this one because it brings me back to the whimsical rain coats from when I was really little, but in a new "older" version. I also like how the swirls are see-through so you can still see hints of your outfit peek out from underneath. 

Etsy Preppy Pastel Rain Coat  

Price: $52 
Get yours here

I really like the pop of color this one adds without creating a coat that was too busy or in your face. It also looks super comfortable, which is always a plus!

Drawstring Sleeve Packable Anorak

Price: 40% off at Nordstrom--> used to be $110.00 now $65.98 
Get yours here

This color has been extremely popular for this spring and summer. It gives a playful pop of color, but somehow can remain in a neutral tone if you take away the matching melon color dress underneath and replace it with a more neutral outfit!


Price: $118 
Get yours here

This color combination screams ocean to me, somewhere I'd love to be everyday. I like the cropped fit of this jacket, it's a new cut for a rain coat. It makes it feel boxy and gives it the effortless "boyfriend" fit. 

Joeen Winter Breeze Rain Coat 

Price: $25.50 
Get yours here

This raincoat is for all those girls who want to look fashionable in the rain, without breaking the bank, just like me. I love the texture in this jacket. It gives the classic trench coat a modern twist, adding the fun bow belt and layers. 

Good Luck finding the perfect weather gear to look good in the rain!

Which one would you wear?

Do you have a favorite? 

Let me know in the comments below-

Love, Serena 

Oh and shout out to my girl Rachel :D

Another follow up post about rain accessories (umbrellas, shoes, etc.) is coming in the near future- that is, if you guys would like to read about that! 


  1. Totally diggin' the colorblock poplin sail jacket. I'd def wear that. Keep writing--good tips.

  2. your girl rachel thinks this is an awesome post<33


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