DIY: Sailor's Knot T-Shirt Headband

Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds.
 —  Coco Chanel

Before you throw away your old t-shirt transform it into a cute and comfy headband!
I love this headband because of how comfortable it is. Usually I would get headaches from headbands in general, but because you can adjust how big or small this soft headband is, you can customize it to fit your head. 

This headband is super easy, all it takes is an old t-shirt and a pair of scissors.

 Cut as many 1/2-1 inch strips from your t-shirt that you can. 

Pull on each strip to stretch them out.
All of the strips together should look something like this.

 I put three strips together and laid them out on my table like so...

 Take another three strips and place them over the other formation like this and follow the rest of the pictures

 Pull the two strands from each side taught and it should make a knot 

You shouldn't have to knot each side together, since your strips should be circular from the tshirt but, I just wanted them to be thinner for the example

Loop a final strip through both sides, measure around your head, tie a knot to extend the headband and secure it!

This was my finished result! 

There will be many more blog posts on ways to recycle your old t-shirts soon!

Good luck,
xoxo Serena


  1. amazing! you have to show me how to do this in person :*

  2. i followed step by step and this was beyond hard mine didnt work!!! a tip- you need to walk us through better, not just pictures, because i would see two pictures and not be able to tell what you did with i would benefit from knowing what you did with the seams because they ruined my headband..

    1. I didn't really do anything with the seems since mine wasn't sticking up so much, but if yours really bother you, you can anyways iron them down!


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