Boston OOTD

Hey everyone!
I was away on a school trip to Boston this week and my friend Caroline took some pictures of my outfit from the second day that I thought I'd share with you!
I also got a new camera, so pictures should be better quality!
 My shirt is from Macy's. I got it on sale for $10!
Cotton On was having a sale on sunglasses, two for $10.
 My backpack is from Urban Outfitters, I borrowed it from my sister, Gabrielle. Thanks Gab!
 My shorts are from Denny's, they are my absolute favorite shorts
And finally, my shoes are Keds. Thanks for reading my blog!
Happy sunny days!
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Love, Serena

P.S. my friend Caroline wanted me to share her outfit, so here it is! Loveyouu Caroline!


  1. cute!! Great blog!!

  2. Love your blog! would you mind following each other via bloglovin? xx

    /Malin @

  3. cute outfit!:)

  4. I love the orange top :D So cute and summery. And it seems like everyone else is a boss at finding great things on sale. I always go to sale racks and find things that are four times my size :((

    Castle Fashion

    1. Awwh! Never limit the sale rack to your side only, I'm usually an xsmall but this shirt is a medium and I just tucked it into my shorts! Try to experiment and try stuff on!


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