Formal Swearing in Attire!

On Thursday morning, my family and I got a chance to meet Hillary Clinton!
My stunning and amazing aunt, my Aunt Roberta invited us to an amazing event! This was an absolutely amazing moment and made me extremely proud to call her my aunt, not that I was anything short of amazed by her actions before! I know most people won't need to dress for this particular occasion in the future, but I thought It'd be fun to show what I wore anyway!

These picture weren't the greatest because my camera wasn't working, the picture quality will hopefully be better soon!

Dress- Nordstrom BP
Sweater- (my mom's sweater, I forgot to pack mine!)
Shoes- DSW
Necklace- Juicy Couture (given to me as a gift from my friend Melanie!)
Bracelet- Tiffany's (also a gift)

I put my hair in a dutch braid on the side of my face and brought it back into a bun.
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Love, Serena


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