Sperry Craze

Sperry Top-Sider has been around since 1935, when Paul Sperry invented the first shoe for sailors. I got my first pair of Sperrys at DSW a few weeks ago and I treasure them! They have recently been all the craze in my school! It seems as though everyone is telling me they want a pair. I love this trend; it adds a classic vibe to any outfit. Sperry's are the perfect summer shoe, super comfortable while adding the perfect accessory with any outfit. They have recently put a new spin on their new collection. Adding bright pops of color and shimmery new hues, while keeping the same classic base shoe. I got my pair on sale for $45 and I was so excited to experiment with different outfits! I would jump at the whole collection if I could, but unfortunately I can't afford it!

My camera is still broken, but I am getting a better camera soon, so expect pictures soon!

Happy Sperry Shopping!
Love, Serena
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