Nails of the Week!

Ring finger- Spice by I don't know, the name rubbed off! Sorry!
All other 8 fingers- Buy Me a Cameo


  1. love the color! What are your favorite nail polish brands? I've been thinking about branching out towards high end (or at least more expensive like essie, opi, zoya, etc). What do you think, are they worth it?

    1. Sometimes yes, and sometimes no, there are always going to be bad colors in a nail polish brand, as far as how opaque they are, or how fast they dry,. To me, personally I LOVE Essie, but it can be expensive... I also love some drugstore brand though too, like revlon, or Loreal.

  2. I really love the idea of having your ring finger a different colour but still in the same colour range! I always seem to make mine glittery or a completely different colour! I may try this next time :) xxx

  3. SO pretty! The colour of the polish really suits your skintone :) xx

  4. lovely colour! i've never tried another colour on one nail! looks great! will defo give it a go! :)


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