Nordstrom BP. Fashion Board Application 2013-2014

"I like being a woman, even in a man’s world. After all, men can’t wear dresses, but we can wear the pants."
— Whitney Houston

I've been waiting months for the 2013-2014 BP. Fashion Board application and when it finally came out,  I worked on my application immediately! 
In addition to the complete filled out application, an applicant must create a fashion project. I wanted to create something different though, so I thought I could create a fashion video showing my personal style and why I have such a strong passion for fashion. My sister, Gabrielle was on spring break when I asked her to help me film my fashion project; she was a huge help and I definitely couldn't have done it without her! 

Here are some pictures of my application and the fashion video I submitted--

I submitted my application last Tuesday and I'm so nervous to hear if I received an interview or not. I would love to be part of this internship more than anything!

I also attended an amazing fashion show at my local Nordstrom BP. this Saturday with my friend Julia. The dresses the models wore were stunning and it was tons of fun. There were fun contests and we even had a chance to win some spectacular prizes. I'm so glad when I turned in my application, they told me about the fashion show!

Love, Serena 


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