Dainty Above the Knuckle Rings: A Breakthrough in Accessorizing

"The way we dress affects the way we think, the way we feel, the way we act, & the way others react to us."-Judith Rasband 

Adding accessories to an outfit can make a day look (shout out to everyone who I went to see Bling Ring with) easily transition into a night look. The accessory mentioned in the past has meant a statement necklace, an overpriced handbag that could fit a small child, or lipstick so bright even waldo would be seen wearing it, but this has changed: like everything else in fashion that will be forever changing. The new style that was previously overlooked is the dainty style of jewelry, small handbags and natural lip tints for the summer. Of course accessories that make a statement will never go out of style, but this new trend gives a fresh face-lift to the old ways.

Rings have always been something I've loved to wear even as a little kid. I used to wear a yin and yang ring all the time and my precious heart ring never seemed to leave my side. Now I wear a turquoise ring my mom bought in Arizona when she was sixteen. 

These precious dainty rings called above the knuckle rings (seen everywhere- such as tumblr, magazines, etc.) can be easily worn with almost anything, day or night, but add something key to an outfit, character. Character in a person's outfit, to me, says something about who they are and differentiates a girl who wears the latest trends because she can, to a girl who says something about herself through her style and what she loves to wear. (But that's a whole other blog post!) 

Like I said, you can make these rings (also another blog post) or buy them from numerous stores. Adding character to an outfit doesn't have to cost a lot of money you and I (most likely) both don't have. 
Price: $13.95
Buy yours here

Price: $14
All from here 

Price: $15 for all three
Get yours here

Price: $10 for all three
Get yours here

Price: $12
Get yours here

As you can see, I do really like silver, but there are definitely more rose-gold and gold choices available you just have to search for them!

Would you wear above the knuckle rings? Which ones are your favorites? Tell me in the comments below!

Good Luck finding your favorite above the knuckle ring-
Love, Serena 

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  1. serena, your blog is so good! I want a knuckle ring now ;)


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