Jean Jackets

Today, I got a classic in every girl's closet,a basic jean jacket. Jean jackets have always been in style. Even when I was a little girl, I still remember owning my first jean jacket. I remember when I thought it was so uncool to wear a jean jacket, but lately they've been the big craze! I was shopping with my fabulous Aunt Caryn this morning, and we looked in four stores before we were able to find a jean jacket in my size! Almost all of the stores were out of stock. I couldn't believe it! Something that I thought was so uncool a couple of years ago, came back to be the latest fad. I finally stopped into a new store in my mall called Aritzia. It was a great store and I finally found an amazing quality jacket that will be loved for a very long time. I love this jacket! You can definitely expect a new post soon about what to pair with jean jackets!
Love, Serena


  1. I have a jean jacket but think I've only worn it once! I love them on other people but I feel weird in it! Should make an effort and wear it more I think!!

    btw found you on bloghop

    1. You should wear it! I'm sure it'd look amazing! I am planning to make a ways to wear a jean jacket post soon, so maybe you'll be able to wear it soon with some fashion tips!
      I will definitely check out your blog!


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