The Peplum Trend

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There are so many different trends that have come back this spring, but one trend that has made a comeback is the "Peplum Trend." Everyone's seen it down the runway and in the magazines, but it's taken the racks recently as well. I've seen peplum dresses, shirts, blazers, and skirts. I don't see it in school, but I do see it in the streets. I hope to see it in school soon since I know it has been spotted in a lot of teen stores, such as, Forever21, a popular clothing store in my town for all my friends.
Love, Serena
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  1. Love the pink blazer in the last picture!! Really great blog hun, absolutely love it!:)

  2. I am loving that look!! Looking like crazy for beautiful dresses, definitively will look out for that one. New follower!

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