About two years ago, I bought my first pair of toms. I was in 6th grade and no one else had them, except for one other girl. I wore them to school for the first time and got a million comments on how cute they were. I guess I was a little early on the toms craze. Now, in 8th grade, everywhere I look I see at least one of my peers wearing toms. So what made toms so popular now, but not when I was wearing them? I guess the world may never know. I couldn't live without my toms though. They're the most comfortable shoes I own, yet they are still stylish and give a pair of shoes to a person in need. I will never go a day without my toms for as long as I live and I will keep buying them for a long time. I know all of my friends will do exactly the same! If you haven't invested in a pair of toms, I think now you know what you're missing.
Love, Serena
P.s. below are the two pairs of toms that I am currently loving! The first one is the one from 6th grade, and the second black pair is the pair I just got!


  1. I really want a pair but i'm afraid they wont be comfortable.


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